Building Better Health Systems

WhiteCloud provides precision planning and effective execution mandated by the transformation to value-based care.

WhiteCloud provides the precision planning and effective execution of value-based care.

Connect Execution to Strategy

Drive System-Wide Behavior Change

Significantly Reduce Complexity

WhiteCloud Healthcare Performance Management

Value-based care is imminent. Industry reform pressures demand that health systems provide higher quality and lower cost care to more people, or their altruistic mission is in jeopardy.

An innovator in value-based performance management, the WhiteCloud platform provides transparency to cost, quality, safety and service outcomes, standardization of best-practices, and empirical measurement of performance to plans.

Whether you’re pursuing preventive care strategies to improve population health, or optimizing efficiency to increase quality and secure cost-savings, WhiteCloud gives you control.


Drive continuous quality improvement and elimination of waste in acute care.


Align and engage care providers with health system goals by empirically empowering them to lead value-based care transformation.


Plan and manage performance of defined populations to improve health and reduce total cost of care.

Value-Based Performance Management

A new flavor of healthcare performance management tools is emerging that offer analytic platforms with a range of capabilities, including real-time integration into the workflow for close-looped performance improvement. Download this complimentary report to learn how Value-Based Performance Management can benefit your health system.

Care providers are the true

Change agents of healthcare reform

Yet they are largely under-served

by traditional analytics and reporting

Align and engage physicians in value-based care goals.

Let physicians be physicians - WhiteCloud gives them the data they need to practice autonomously while meeting system objectives.

Accelerate performance improvement.

Automate change management and empower empirical execution.

Where Can You Improve?

WhiteCloud can load your hospital’s publicly available charge data and allow you to explore your performance in a new way. Find out which service lines have irrational variation and where you can improve.

Fuel Your Transition

Navigating the transition to value-based care requires informed strategies that align clinical and financial models, and adaptability to changing payment dynamics to ensure organizational viability. The WhiteCloud platform integrates data from virtually any source (no data warehouse required) and normalizes it to provide health systems with a single version of validated information that aligns the organization towards a common vision of value.

Integrate Performance Metrics From Any Source

WhiteCloud automates data extraction and compiles it from every source.

Drive Improvement Across the Continuum of Care

WhiteCloud unifies your clinical and financial data to give you a single view across all care settings.

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WhiteCloud Healthcare Performance Management